Paraglding Tandem flights Lienz, Matrai, Sillian, Osttirol

Make your dream of flying a reality!!

Experience paragliding simply and safely without prior training in Airpark Lienzer Dolomiten in East Tyrol.

Don't let the fear of falling keep you from flying!

Mankind has dreamed of flight for more than 160,000 years. Not even 100 years have passed since humanity first conquered the air.

Today, all that is necessary for flight is a paraglider with its harness packed into a backpack that only weighs 15 kg. After arriving at the take-off site, the tandem paraglider can be ready to fly within 10 minutes. A couple of quick steps and you will feel your feet leaving the ground in the nicest possible way. As you experience the smooth ascent, all fear disappears and makes way for the feeling of freedom that only flight with a tandem paraglider offers.

Experience the purest way of flying, no engine, no noise, and no cabin – pure flight, almost like a bird.

A paragliding tandem flight with is an easy, safe, and unforgettable experience.

Prepare to experience the Airpark Lienzer Dolomiten in a way you never thought possible. We take you high above the valley of Lienz and bring you closer to freedom than anyone else can..


Safety is our highest concern! Our experienced, state-certified tandem pilots bring you safely back to the ground every time. All you need are sturdy shoes and warm clothing – we provide the flight equipment and a helmet.


Call us directly or use the booking form on to schedule your flight date. We will meet at the Cable station and take the gondola to the Steinermandl, which is where we takeoff from. After a few quick steps, you will enjoy the freedom of flight!


To make the adventure truly memorable, we take high res photos and HD videos on request. After the flight, the footage is available on a free 4 GB SD card to take home with you!

It has never been easier to fly!

... a few steps and you can sit comfortably in the front row with breathtaking panoramic views of the Lienzer Dolomites.

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AA true insider tip for connoisseurs!

Float through the air and enjoy the view of the Lienz valley floor. Our flight takes at least 20 minutes!

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Airpark Lienzer Dolomiten

Our takeoffs are the Steinermandl at the Zettersfeld, the Hochstein or your personal desired takeoff by appointment!

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If you can run, you can fly! You should be between 40 and 120 kg, in good physical condition, and at least 4 years old.

Sometimes later becomes never.      

NNo matter whether a non-binding reservation or specific booking, we are your disposal. Book Now

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Just an incredible, unforgettable experience. I always dreamed of flying and this dream came true in Lienz. It is far easier than you can imagine, just try it!

— Jon Kleinkranz


I got this tandem flight for my 60th birthday. At first I was a bit skeptical and was afraid of taking off. It took me five minutes to get used to the feeling of weightlessness, but the confidence of the tandem paragliding expert resolved my fears literally in moments.

— Sibille Hochleiter


TThree quick steps and I lost the ground under my feet, it was indescribable!

— Josef Kalbermair

Airpark Lienzer Dolomiten

Location: Weidachweg 16, Nussdorf, Osttirol/Tirol 9990
Phone and WhatsApp: +43 676 72 93 888
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